Pam Kaye, LCSW
Psychotherapy for Wellness
and Well-Being


Who Am I

 I offer a variety of therapeutic services. Besides more traditional methods such as Individual Therapy, Couples Therapy and Child Therapy, I offer EMDR (Eye Movement, Desensitization and Reprocessing) for adults, adolescents and children as well as Sand Tray work, Psych-K (Psychological Kinesiology) and relaxation training.

Above all, I  honor and appreciate the courage it takes to initiate and engage in therapy and do the work. It is my intention to create a safe space so you may open your heart, mind and creativity to do your own exploring and self discovery. We'll identify your goals and, together, work on your healing, growth and thriving. 

Some Benefits of Psychotherapy

 •To lift your depression
•To recover and heal from trauma
•To improve your love life
•To communicate more effectively
•To end self-defeating behavior
•To heal from the loss of a love
•To grow spiritually and creatively
•To be your own best friend
•To increase motivation for achievement
•To manage anger and be assertive in a healthy way
•To stop drinking, drugging or smoking
•To stop procrastinating and make progress on goals
•To have more fun
•To add more richness, depth and vitality to your life
•To improve your parenting skills and family life
•To achieve more balance and harmony
•To explore, "What more is there to life?" 

Contact Me

 For questions, concerns and to schedule an appointment,
 please call me at 713-839-9186 or email me at

I look forward to listening to you soon.

Pam Kaye, LCSW
Adult, Adolescent and Child Psychotherapy
6300 West Loop South, Suite 235
(One block north of Bissonnet)
Bellaire, Texas 77401